White Pine Wardrobes for a Bright Bedroom

White pine wardrobes are a popular choice for people that wish to have a light or colourful slant on their bedroom as opposed to having a traditional natural wood coloured wardrobe.

This is one of the beauties of choosing pine furniture over oak furniture – pine is a lot more easy to paint than pine wood is. This is in part due to the wood more naturally taking to paint than oak does. Pine is a fine-grained would and it has a smooth texture which enables easy staining and painting. You can opt for a light finish if you are a fan of seeing the natural not some grain of the wood showing through. Or if you do not wish to see these features, then you can opt for a thick white lacquer finish.

Another benefit of pine wardrobes of course is that they are much more affordable than oak wardrobes typically. But the main factor for most people the choosing pine is that they want to be able to have painted furniture in the bedroom. The cream or white finish being the most popular choices, with black wardrobes been popular for the niche buyer.

White pine wardrobes for a bright bedroom

Another reason that a white pine wardrobe is popular is because of pine wood being more aesthetically pleasing. The nature of pine wood has cleaner lines and because the wood is easy to manipulate, this also helps give the appearance of a very sturdy structure.

You may have guessed already from some of the benefits stated about pine that one of the disadvantages compared to oak is that pine is not as hard and sturdy type of wood as is oak. On the contrary, pine is a softwood which means it can be dented more easily than sturdy oak or beach hardwoods. So you will wish to be careful about looking after your wardrobe – not that it should be anybody’s intention to knock and bang about a wardrobe anyway.

One of the other things that you will of course want to think about is how your white wardrobe will look with all the other pieces of furniture in your bedroom, if you have thought this through very well then pine wardrobes will fit absolutely well into your bedroom. A wardrobe is one of the most dominant pieces of furniture that you will have in your bedroom, site is very important is to make sure that when you get it, it will be aesthetically pleasing for you if that was part of the purpose of you buying a wardrobe in the first place.

If you are buying multiple pieces of furniture, then you also have a very distinct advantage in that many pieces of furniture are designed as part of a wider range, so if you also need a chest of drawers, a bed stand, a bedside cabinet, or any other piece of bedroom furniture, you may very well be able to find those items as part of the furniture range, enabling you to maintain a consistent, crisp and uniform look in your bedroom.

So now that you know what to look for you are ready to go out and buy some fantastic white pine wardrobes for your bedroom.