Freestanding Or Fitted Pine Wardrobes?

When you are considering buying wardrobes, the question may come up as to whether to buy a freestanding or a fitted wardrobe. The immediate advantage of a freestanding wardrobe is that it will fit into your bedroom quite easily. However, it may not be the most space efficient solution, if you are looking to maximise your storage space. Whereas a fitted wardrobe is perfect for making full use of your available space.

So maximising use of space is one of the most obvious reason for buying a fitted wardrobe over buying a freestanding wardrobe. A few other things to consider as well as to which of the two will be the most suitable for you to purchase for your bedroom.

One of the main benefits of having a freestanding wardrobe is that it is mobile. Because it is not fixed within a specific location, if you decide one day that you wish to rearrange I’ll bedroom, you can easily move the wardrobe to another location. With a fitted wardrobe, you can’t do this, it is fixed in location, and would be very difficult to relocate. If you have just moved into a home, it may especially be a good idea to get a freestanding wardrobe so that if you decide after a few days or weeks that you aren’t really that comfortable is the way the room is currently arranged, you can easily rearrange it to suit your tastes.

Speaking of moving into a home, you may also be needing to move frequently from one place to the other. Having a freestanding wardrobe because of its mobility, means that you can easily move your wardrobe from one place to the next. If it came as a knocked down, or partially assembled wardrobe, you then have the further advantage that you may be able to take apart the wardrobe back down into its basic components to free up even more space while transporting your goods from one place to the next. This may be possible, albeit a little more tricky with flat packed wardrobes depending on how they are assembled.

Yet another advantage of freestanding pine wardrobes is that they are cheaper to buy than fitted pine wardrobes. The reason being that fitted wardrobes are tailor-made, whereas freestanding wardrobes can be produced in mass and do not require any personally tailored effort. So if cost is a factor, then you will definitely want to be looking at buying a freestanding solution rather than a fitted one.

If you are definitely sure that you will not be moving, and you are definitely sure that you will not be wanting to rearrange your bedroom in the near future, but you do wish to maximise your storage space as well as make efficient use of your space, then a fitted wardrobe is the way to go. A fitted wardrobe will fill every inch of free space to your specifications.