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White Pine Wardrobes for a Bright Bedroom

White pine wardrobes are a popular choice for people that wish to have a light or colourful slant on their bedroom as opposed to having a traditional natural wood coloured wardrobe.

This is one of the beauties of choosing pine furniture over oak furniture – pine is a lot more easy to paint than pine wood is. This is in part due to the wood more naturally taking to paint than oak does. Pine is a fine-grained would and it has a smooth texture which enables easy staining and painting. You can opt for a light finish if you are a fan of seeing the natural not some grain of the wood showing through. Or if you do not wish to see these features, then you can opt for a thick white lacquer finish.

Another benefit of pine wardrobes of course is that they are much more affordable than oak wardrobes typically. But the main factor for most people the choosing pine is that they want to be able to have painted furniture in the bedroom. The cream or white finish being the most popular choices, with black wardrobes been popular for the niche buyer.

White pine wardrobes for a bright bedroom

Another reason that a white pine wardrobe is popular is because of pine wood being more aesthetically pleasing. The nature of pine wood has cleaner lines and because the wood is easy to manipulate, this also helps give the appearance of a very sturdy structure.

You may have guessed already from some of the benefits stated about pine that one of the disadvantages compared to oak is that pine is not as hard and sturdy type of wood as is oak. On the contrary, pine is a softwood which means it can be dented more easily than sturdy oak or beach hardwoods. So you will wish to be careful about looking after your wardrobe – not that it should be anybody’s intention to knock and bang about a wardrobe anyway.

One of the other things that you will of course want to think about is how your white wardrobe will look with all the other pieces of furniture in your bedroom, if you have thought this through very well then pine wardrobes will fit absolutely well into your bedroom. A wardrobe is one of the most dominant pieces of furniture that you will have in your bedroom, site is very important is to make sure that when you get it, it will be aesthetically pleasing for you if that was part of the purpose of you buying a wardrobe in the first place.

If you are buying multiple pieces of furniture, then you also have a very distinct advantage in that many pieces of furniture are designed as part of a wider range, so if you also need a chest of drawers, a bed stand, a bedside cabinet, or any other piece of bedroom furniture, you may very well be able to find those items as part of the furniture range, enabling you to maintain a consistent, crisp and uniform look in your bedroom.

So now that you know what to look for you are ready to go out and buy some fantastic white pine wardrobes for your bedroom.

Freestanding Or Fitted Pine Wardrobes?

When you are considering buying wardrobes, the question may come up as to whether to buy a freestanding or a fitted wardrobe. The immediate advantage of a freestanding wardrobe is that it will fit into your bedroom quite easily. However, it may not be the most space efficient solution, if you are looking to maximise your storage space. Whereas a fitted wardrobe is perfect for making full use of your available space.

So maximising use of space is one of the most obvious reason for buying a fitted wardrobe over buying a freestanding wardrobe. A few other things to consider as well as to which of the two will be the most suitable for you to purchase for your bedroom.

One of the main benefits of having a freestanding wardrobe is that it is mobile. Because it is not fixed within a specific location, if you decide one day that you wish to rearrange I’ll bedroom, you can easily move the wardrobe to another location. With a fitted wardrobe, you can’t do this, it is fixed in location, and would be very difficult to relocate. If you have just moved into a home, it may especially be a good idea to get a freestanding wardrobe so that if you decide after a few days or weeks that you aren’t really that comfortable is the way the room is currently arranged, you can easily rearrange it to suit your tastes.

Speaking of moving into a home, you may also be needing to move frequently from one place to the other. Having a freestanding wardrobe because of its mobility, means that you can easily move your wardrobe from one place to the next. If it came as a knocked down, or partially assembled wardrobe, you then have the further advantage that you may be able to take apart the wardrobe back down into its basic components to free up even more space while transporting your goods from one place to the next. This may be possible, albeit a little more tricky with flat packed wardrobes depending on how they are assembled.

Yet another advantage of freestanding pine wardrobes is that they are cheaper to buy than fitted pine wardrobes. The reason being that fitted wardrobes are tailor-made, whereas freestanding wardrobes can be produced in mass and do not require any personally tailored effort. So if cost is a factor, then you will definitely want to be looking at buying a freestanding solution rather than a fitted one.

If you are definitely sure that you will not be moving, and you are definitely sure that you will not be wanting to rearrange your bedroom in the near future, but you do wish to maximise your storage space as well as make efficient use of your space, then a fitted wardrobe is the way to go. A fitted wardrobe will fill every inch of free space to your specifications.

Pine Bedroom Wardrobes Selection Tips

pine bedroom wardrobesThere are many things to consider when looking for a pine wardrobe for your bedroom. For some people, they just want to find a wardrobe with a full hanging space, these wardrobes are typically referred to as either a full hanging wardrobe, or a ladies wardrobe. The latter name coming from the fact that women may have long dresses so they need to have that extra hanging space. Whereas the men, they would rather have an overhead shelf to store pieces of foldable clothing, or clothing accessories. Or they may prefer to have a drawer or two at the base of the wardrobe, these are often referred to as gents wardrobes.

It is important to make the right choice right from the get go. Bedrooms have limited space, and depending on the configuration of the furniture, the space there can be limited also, so it is good to do your research.

First consider the space within your bedroom, have you measured up to ensure that your wardrobe will fit within your space, and that includes allowing space for you to comfortably access the wardrobe? And then with the wardrobe, as mentioned earlier, do you require one with full hanging space or not? And also what which do you want? Do you want a single/one door wardrobe, or a double/2 door wardrobe, or a triple/3 door wardrobe, or larger?

If you need surplus storage space, then a pine chest of drawers will be a good piece of furniture to get to accommodate this need. This piece of furniture consists of several rows of drawers enabling you to easily store away foldable clothes, clothing accessories, and any other bits and pieces that you would like to be able to store away somewhere.

However, if you do not have the extra space for a chest of drawers, and nor do you really need a chest of drawers, then going for a gents wardrobe or a triple wardrobe will be a good option, as these will typically come with drawers you to be able to store away these items.

With some of the larger and more fancy wardrobes, you can also get features such as built-in lighting, pull away trouser rails, and pull-out shelves, giving you easier and greater accessibility to your clothes.

Also in some of these fancy models, you may find custom pockets within drawers for socks, and ties. Of course for some people, this may be a waste of storage space, so you will want to check whether these are removable in that case.

The main thing though is when you are shopping for a new wardrobe, be sure to write down your specific needs that you will be able to easily shortlist the pine wardrobes that meet your specific needs. And once again, ensure that you have properly measured up the space in your wardrobe to be able to determine what sized wardrobe you will be able to buy that will fit comfortably within your bedroom.

Shop now for a fantastic pine wardrobes your bedroom.

Pine Chest Of Drawers

pine chest of drawersA pine chest of drawers is often one of the main pieces of furniture in the bedroom. They enable the storage of various clothes and accessories, consisting of several drawers, often taken up the full-length, after length, or quarter of the length of the width of the unit.

If you need extra space in your bedroom, a chest of drawers is the perfect piece of furniture for it. They enable you to store small items of close, and other accessories that may otherwise be clatter in your bedroom.

Pine is a fantastic piece of wood the bedroom furniture, each piece of furniture is unique, because of the unique grain and knots of the individual trees that the pine wood was sourced from.

Pine is a light-coloured wood, which is perfect for creating a natural earthy feel within one’s bedroom. If natural wood decor is not for you, that’s not a problem because pine wood is very easily painted. So there’s no problem trying to find a white pine chest of drawers or cream version, other colours can be sourced as well. You can often purchase these chest of drawers as part of a uniform bedroom furniture set if you are trying to create a uniform look for your bedroom.

You can also get kids pine chest of drawers for children’s bedrooms if needed, and these can be painted in colours appealing to children.

Something should always consider before buying such a piece of furniture however, is how much space do you have for it? You should always measure your space before you buy new furniture just ensure that it will fit adequately within your bedroom, and not restrict manoeuvrability.

Another major thing to consider of course is the utility of the furniture as well. How much storage space do you need exactly? The answer to this will determine how tall or how wide the chest of drawers you go for should be, which in turn determines how many drawers you will have in the unit.

The number of drawers within any similarly sized pine chest of drawers can differ significantly because the draw configurations are quite varied. So four example in one chest of drawers you may have simply three full width drawers and two half width drawers, while in another similarly sized chest, you may have two full width drawers and for half width drawers. So you may wish to think about what configuration would be ideal for you if this is something that is a specific requirement over the may style of the chest.

Most pine chest of drawers will come with at least three full width drawers plus half width drawers. And the height typically varies from 30 inches to 60 inches or more. There perfect for storing foldable items of clothing, and underwear, and clothing accessories, and they are also great for storing any other small bits and pieces that you may have. And if you’re trying to create a uniform look in your bedroom by buying other pieces of furniture, you’ll be pleased to know that most pine chest of drawers will be part of a furniture range, so you will have no problem buying matching pine bed store pine wardrobes and most other types of bedroom furniture.

You can find some fantastic cheap pine furniture around, because pine tends to be one of the most affordable wood types. But you may wish to check for customer reviews where possible to give you peace of mind about the quality of the furniture, although if the retailer is reputable, that shouldn’t really be an issue anyway.

Happy shopping for your pine chest of drawers.

Single Pine Wardrobe

Single Pine Wardrobe

single pine wardrobesSingle pine wardrobe is fantastic for storing your clothes. They will give you a number of good years of use and are perfect for a single person that doesn’t need many different clothes to wear, author somebody that needs an additional wardrobe in their bedroom.

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There are a wide variety of styles of pine wardrobes that you can buy. Some people like natural pine wardrobes the best, while others like to buy a wardrobe that has been painted. White pine wardrobes are particularly popular, and so are cream pine wardrobes. You can acquire these wardrobes at fantastic prices as well.

Single wardrobes can come in a variety of sizes, so if space is at a premium, you should be able to find a size that fits just right. Single pine wardrobes are often delivered flat packed, this is to allow for easy transport and storage prior to putting the wardrobe together. Putting the wardrobe together is relatively simple. Of course before you get this far, you should have made sure that you’ve measured up your bedroom and have decided where within your bedroom you are going to place your wardrobe.

Single pine wardrobe can also make a great gift for somebody. It also has its usage to store in a guest room for when you have guests staying over for a while. Any guest will surely appreciate having a place to store their belongings during their stay for that they can keep them free from creases. Pine wardrobes are great for any bedroom decor. Some of these wardrobes will have shelves, useful for people who like to store accessories as well as clothes. There are also some quite fancy designs out there as well, like some wardrobes will have glass doors, have a mirror on the door, and other novelty aspects to them. You can also find an interesting variety of painted kids pine wardrobes for children. Because they are usually produced flat packed, this usually means that they are mass produced, which also means that the prices are quite affordable.

That said, when searching for a pine single wardrobe, you may wish to see whether there are any customer reviews available to help give you extra peace of mind about the building quality of the wardrobe.

Single pine wardrobes are fantastic for buying to fill up any additional space in your bedroom to take care of your clothes.

So go and shop for great single pine wardrobe today.

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